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Helm chart

To deploy the network mapper, do the following:

helm repo add otterize
helm repo update
helm install network-mapper otterize/network-mapper -n otterize-system --create-namespace

You can add the --wait flag for Helm to wait for deployment to complete and all pods to be Ready, or manually watch for all pods to be Ready using kubectl get pods -n otterize-system -w.


Checkout the network mapper tutorial to see it in action.


Mapper parameters

mapper.image.repositoryMapper image repository.otterize
mapper.image.tagMapper image tag.latest
mapper.pullPolicyMapper pull policy.(none)
mapper.resourcesResources override.(none)
mapper.uploadIntervalSecondsInterval for uploading data to cloud60
mapper.extraEnvVarsList of extra env vars for the mapper, formatted as in the Kubernetes PodSpec (name and value).(none)

OpenTelemetry exporter parameters

opentelemetry.enableWhether to enable the OpenTelemetry exporter, which exports Grafana Tempo-style metrics for your network map. Configure the OpenTelemetry SDK using mapper.extraEnvVars (e.g. OTEL_EXPORTER_OTLP_ENDPOINT).false
opentelemetry.metricNameThe name of the OpenTelemetry metric name exported for the Grafana Tempo-style metric.traces_service_graph_request_total

Sniffer parameters

sniffer.image.repositorySniffer image repository.otterize
sniffer.image.tagSniffer image tag.latest
sniffer.pullPolicySniffer pull policy.(none)
sniffer.resourcesResources override.(none)
sniffer.tolerationsTolerations override.(none)
sniffer.priorityClassNameSet priorityClassName.(none)

Kafka watcher parameters

kafkawatcher.enableEnable Kafka watcher deployment (beta).false
kafkawatcher.image.repositoryKafka watcher image repository.otterize
kafkawatcher.image.imageKafka watcher
kafkawatcher.image.tagKafka watcher image tag.latest
kafkawatcher.pullPolicyKafka watcher pull policy.(none)
kafkawatcher.pullSecretsKafka watcher pull secrets.(none)
kafkawatcher.resourcesResources override.(none)
kafkawatcher.kafkaServersKafka servers to watch, specified as pod.namespace items.(none)

Istio watcher parameters

istiowatcher.enableEnable Istio watcher deployment (beta).false
istiowatcher.image.repositoryIstio watcher image repository.otterize
istiowatcher.image.imageIstio watcher
istiowatcher.image.tagIstio watcher image tag.latest
istiowatcher.pullPolicyIstio watcher pull policy.(none)
istiowatcher.pullSecretsIstio watcher pull secrets.(none)
istiowatcher.resourcesResources override.(none)

Cloud parameters

global.otterizeCloud.credentials.clientIdClient ID for connecting to Otterize Cloud.(none)
global.otterizeCloud.credentials.clientSecretClient secret for connecting to Otterize Cloud.(none)
global.otterizeCloud.credentials.secretKeyRef.secretNameIf specified, the name of a pre-created Kubernetes Secret to be used instead of creating a secret with the value of clientSecret.(none)
global.otterizeCloud.credentials.secretKeyRef.secretKeyIf specified, the key for the clientSecret in a pre-created Kubernetes Secret to be used instead of creating a secret with the value of clientSecret.(none)
global.otterizeCloud.apiAddressOverrides Otterize Cloud default API address.(none)
global.otterizeCloud.apiExtraCAPEMSecretThe name of a secret containing a single CA.pem file for an extra root CA used to connect to Otterize Cloud. The secret should be placed in the same namespace as the Otterize deployment.(none)

Global parameters

global.allowGetAllResourcesIf defined overrides allowGetAllResources.
global.telemetry.enabledIf set to false, anonymous telemetries collection will be disabledtrue
global.commonAnnotationsAnnotations to add to all deployed objects{}
global.commonLabelsLabels to add to all deployed objects{}
global.podAnnotationsAnnotations to add to all deployed pods{}
global.podLabelsLabels to add to all deployed pods{}
global.serviceNameOverrideAnnotationNameWhich annotation to use (in the service name resolution algorithm) for setting a pod's service name, if not the default. Use this if you already have annotations on your pods that provide the correct service

Common parameters

debugEnable debug logsfalse
allowGetAllResourcesGives get, list and watch permission to watch on all resources. This is used to resolve service names when pods have owners that are custom resources. When disabled, a limited set of permissions is used that only allows access to built-in Kubernetes resources that deploy Pods and Pods themselves - Deployments, StatefulSets, DaemonSets, ReplicaSets and Services. Resolving may not be able to complete if the owning resource is not one of those.true