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Getting started

Otterize is a platform for implementing intent-based access control (IBAC) for workloads. The platform is composed of Otterize OSS, which is tailored for a single Kubernetes cluster, and Otterize Cloud, which adds visibility and operationalization across Kubernetes clusters and non-Kubernetes infrastructures.

Otterize enables platform engineers to easily implement, expand, and unify secured access for their Kubernetes workloads.

Let's go!

Dive right in with simple demos to manage access control:

Or visualize communication in your cluster:


Otterize OSS

The Otterize OSS components are standalone open-source projects that implement intent-based access control (IBAC) for a single Kubernetes cluster. This same set of components is used to integrate with Otterize Cloud.

Otterize CLI

The Otterize CLI is used to control the network mapper or output its data, convert non-Kubernetes client intents files (if needed) to Kubernetes custom resource YAMLs, interface with the Otterize Cloud.

Open source and Cloud

Otterize OSS

Otterize OSS is a standalone open-source implementation of intent-based access control (IBAC) for a single Kubernetes cluster. As well as being open source, Otterize OSS is completely free, licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and does not require Otterize Cloud.

Otterize Cloud

Otterize Cloud adds unified visibility and operationalization, and spans multiple Kubernetes clusters as well as (coming soon) non-Kubernetes infrastructures.

Read more in our product page.